Friday, October 18, 2002

Here's where I am on the political compass
Economic Left/Right: -7.25
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -6.77

Take the test---

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Short Stack got reviewed by the Cap Times on Monday. It was a well-thought out and positive review. And it was much longer than I was led to expect, since Stack is essentially an extra appendage on the hand of Fuddy Meers.

Speaking of extra appendages, the review was by none other than my old nemesis Debra Neff Nathans. (She and I have made nice over the past couple weeks. Several pleasant e-mails have been exchanged. I still get a giggle from resurrecting the "six-toed drooling moron" line, first uttered in a fit of righteous indignation last winter.)

I have a couple of quibbles with the review.

One, not every member of the ensemble got mentioned. For the record, they are Sandra Bonnici, Damon Butler, Jackson Bowman, Doug Holtz, Pete LeMay, Giuliana Miolo, and Tanya Stanfield. Each and every one of them are essential to the show. They're a tight group, and a lot of fun to watch.

Two, precious column inches were devoted to plugging Phil Heckman's "The View From Dunham's Bluff" and Rob's "Orange Murder Suit". While I heartily believe in plugging these two shows, why does it have to be in the small space devoted to "Short Stack"?

Three, Damon Butler's monolgue as Jesus wasn't nearly as awful as she made it sound. Plus, she put her criticism of the Jesus monolgue after her wild, rabid praise of Doug Holtz's monolgue - thereby leaving the reader with an overall negative impression.

That's it. Three nitpicks.

When Rob gets around to scanning and posting the review, I'll link to it. I'm too lazy to type it in.

On the plus side of the review, she managed to discuss Lisa Konoplisky's piece without giving away the one essential piece of information that makes the play a surprise. Thank you for your taste and restraint.

She noticed the work that Deanna put into the transitions. Because if there's one thing Deanna can't stand, it's sloppy transitions.

Most importantly, she liked "Night Before Last". I did "a good job developing [Sacco and Vanzetti] as characters."

She wonders on her blogwhy I want to hear more from her. Of course I want to hear more from her. I want her to go on for pages about the good job I did on "Night Before Last". I want a front page headline, and three solid columns of text on why "Night Before Last" works as well as it does.

Overall, I am pleased and the review hangs proudly outside my cube while I harangue my co-workers to come see the show.

By the way, in addition to making nice, Debra suggested that "Night Before Last" would be good ten-minute play contest fodder. Point taken. Script is in the mail. I'm trying to get over my contest-phobia.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Hey Rob, Thanks for plugging my content-free pointless blog. Now link to it, you thoughtless bastard.

Rob is my nemesis, so I can use phrases like "thoughtless bastard" with him.

In the King Midas story, everything the king touches turns to gold.

What we have now is the reverse of that. Everything the prince touches turns to shit. Harken. Enron. The Texas Rangers trade Sammy Sosa. Then the prince becomes king in peacetime and a booming economy. And everything turns to shit.

Failed businessman. Failed sportsman. Failed governor. Lost an election in 2000. Always bailed out by Daddy's cartel. Never accomplished a thing on his own in his life. This is the clown leading the parade to the apocolypse.

The guy can't read. The emperor is naked.

Vote Democratic in November. As of today, there only 825 days left in this nightmare called the Bush administration.

Going to Disney World in December. I'm keeping the kids out of the Hall Of Presidents. There are some things children shouldn't be allowed to see.

We live in loathsome times.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

There's a new George Harrison album coming out in November. It was kind of him to leave these last bits of himself behind before moving on to another plane.

I became a Beatles fan when John Lenon died. The crappy radio station I listened to while growing up played a week of Beatles. I was hooked for life.

I always fantasized about hanging out with George or Ringo. John seemed cranky. Paul seems... well... how does one put this... like a self-righteous putz. Like a jerk.

One could always pal around with Pete Best.

So this is blogging. Yesterday it was a thrill. Now the thrill is wearing off.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Yee freakin' ha!

I done got me one of these here weblogs. I'm just like Rob Matsushita. Or Debra Nathans. They both write about me on their blogs occasionally. So I'm going to write about them occasionally. Take that. (Although how Debra writes about me with those 12 fingers of hers, I have no idea.)

At the moment, I am producing a play. It's called "Short Stack: Dance Of The Alien". If you're within 40 miles of Madison, WI - you should come see it. If you come from more than 40 miles away, and can prove it, I'll give you an Annie Oakley.

The premise of the play is a one-minute play, followed by a five-minute play, followed by a ten-minute play (I wrote that one), followed by a fifteen-minute play, followed by a twenty-minute play. We bastardized the concept by putting one-minute plays in between each of the longer works, but you still get out of the theatre in about 60 minutes. How cool is that?

My lovely wife, Deanna, who is the best director I know, is directing. We've got pieces by myself, Meredith Berlin, Philip Heckman, Lisa M. Konoplisky, and the aforelinked Matsushita.

One of our senators has the balls to stand up to the little dauphin masquerading as President, and one of our senators doesn't . Guess who I'm not voting for next time he runs. Get a spine, Herb.

Oooooh. Blogging is fun. I'm all tingly.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Everybody's blogging. Why not me?