Thursday, May 15, 2003

God, how I loathe Matsushita. John G. and I went out for a drink last night, talked about Matsushita for hours. Boy, did I get the skinny. John G. told me his last name isn't really Matsushita. And he can't go into Alabama because of some sheep thing, and his landlord's wife.

John G. can't stand how Matsushita's always trashing Broom Street, despite the fact that they do consistently brilliant work. And he said Matsushita can't write. How true, how true.

What's amazing is the intense level of loathing that John G. has for Matsushita. Just a white-hot hatred. He said that all the mutual friends are going to have to choose one side or the other. Well, here and now, I choose John G.. Matsushita is off my list for good.

My next career move, blogging flame war double agent.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

What the hell's the matter with Matsushita? Why can't he leave Gustafson alone? The guy's just making a simple observation, for Christ's sake. Cut him some slack.

This is fun.
For infinite looping fun, go here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Despite my best efforts to abandon this blog, people keep linking to it.

People like Debra Neff Nathans and Rob Matsushita and John Gustafson.

But I have no content. None.

Is it 2004 yet? Was it all just a horrible dream?

Ed Garvey, my hero.